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Modern Games can become quite complex, Don’t you hate it when you get games with 1000’s of buttons? Its easy to forget what button does which!
One Button Bob is the solution to all your problems! Using only one button the mouse, this game is inspired by such commodore 64 classics like Hunchback and Pitfall

In One Button Bob you only ever need to use the left mouse button, there are many different ways to use the button (with careful precision and timing, frantically mashing, holding it down) and the only way you will know what the button does is press it.

You will die, especially in the beginning. There are no energy bars to protect you in this game. Luckily you have infinite lives and are only punished by going back to the start of the current screen you are on, with time you will complete One Button Bob…. but in how many clicks?

Your score at the end of the game is how many clicks it took you to complete One Button Bob, can you complete it in less clicks?

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