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The Sequel to Blosics 2 is even more blocks getting knocked over, its just fundamentally fun!
A Great Flash Physics game. Hurl the balls at the different blocks and knock them down. Get points for the green blocks you knock down and lost points for the red ones.

In Blosics 2 you have different types of balls to throw!

You grow your projectile to the size you want within the Green Circle by clicking and holding the mouse button. Use your mouse to aim and release the button to fire, if you run out of blocks before you complete a level, just hit the restart button at the bottom of the screen.

The farther you get in the game the more complex the stages get, so without further ado….
Blosics 2 Walkthrough Levels 1-15

Blosics 2 Walkthrough Levels 16-30

Blosics 2 Challenges Walkthrough – Levels 1 – 15

Blosics 2 Walkthrough – Challenges Levels 16 – 30

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