Tweeter Snake

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    • Tweeter Snake A fast paced Snake game! Nowadays, tweeting is all the rage. The clock is ticking, and on the internet, the expiration time on coolness is much faster. Get as many followers as possible, but you need to hurry, you only have a couple of seconds before a non-follower goes sour and starts deducting from your expiration time. A fast paced snake game, not only do you have to worry about crashing into your followers, but you also have a super fast paced clock counting down!
  • Instructions

    • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate. Collect the pink birds on the stage, for each pink collected, you earn a follower(green brid). The more Followers you collect, the longer your entourage becomes. Remember to keep an eye on the clock in the bottom right hand corner, if it reaches zero you lose, BUT also be aware of the time counting down on the Pink Birds. If you collect a pink bird while it's still in the positive numbers place, that time will be added to your remaining time, if a Pink Bird starts counting negative numbers, that time will be subtracted from your remaining time.
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