Jet Pack Paladin

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    • Jet Pack Paladin Jetpack Paladin is a retro action-adventure-platform game set in a medieval fantasy world that is about to be turned upside down. Fend off Zombies, Elves, Knights, Dragons and much much more as you journey through the fallen island kingdom of Farah - and beyond - and discover the true source of the invasion. Pixel graphics, authentic sound effects and a purpose built original soundtrack guarantee to whip up some nostalgia. Bonus levels can be unlocked with collectables scattered throughout the game.
  • Instructions

    • Jump - Up Walk - Left/Right Stab - S Thrust (when acquired) - A Fly (when thrusting) - Up/Down/Left/Right Fireball (when acquired) - Down + S Hurry dialogue - S Next dialogue - S Pause - Enter Quit (when paused or in dialogue) - Esc
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