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    • HackBotz You are a hacker trapped inside a company that specializes in military robotics. Inside with you is a bunch of malfunctioning robots and an Artificial Intelligence who has been infected by a virus. Thankfully, even though you are unarmed, your technical know-how allows you to hack just about any of the robots. Hacking requires you sneak up behind a robot when it is not looking and touch it. Each different type of robot has unique characteristics which can be used to aid you in your goal to get out of the facility with your life intact.
  • Instructions

    • There is a tutorial level in-game as well as a help screen that can be accessed from the main menu.Left/Right Arrow keys moveUp Arrow or Z = jumpDown Arrow or X = Fire lasers (robot only)C = Use transmutatorV = end hackK = Kill PlayerR = Restart LevelP = Pause game and show help
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